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Accident on 9th and 10th May 2015

Posted in Journey collection, Momentous Experience with tags , , , on May 13, 2015 by Yul Prince Vartan Hyzhar

Luck can’t run, accident can’t be rejected. God reminds me again that this world is a responsibility. I got two accidents in two days. The first accident, I collided an ass of a big tank truck. Fortunately, this accident didn’t bring injury too much. The chronologies started when I drive a Honda vario motorcycle with my cousin. We want to go to Batang Kapas, a region in coastal west sumatera. So, we were going to travel from Padang to Batang Kapas. It’s has distance about 90 km length. Since the first time, I aware that his motorcycle had problem with its brake systems. First, I didn’t care about that. The truth is, that’s the stupidest thing I ever done. The truth is, that’s the most arrogant thing I ever done.

Moral message of this accident: don’t ever try to make maneuver with something you don’t know well or clearly.

The second day, I drove that “crucial” matic motorcycle again. I hit a “sleeping police” when my speed reach about 50 kph. The front was jumping, I don’t remember wheter I added my mistake by activated the front tyre before it landed to the ground. Of course, I had lost the control. Like a nightmare but true. My hand was getting loose out of the handles. I know I’m going to land to the ground painfully. I had to save my head. Unfortunately, I didn’t use helmet at that stupid night. I use my bare hand as landing gear. The result, I got injury on both of my palms and my right leg. But, there’s still open wound on my right elbow and a bit on my face. For the first time, I though I was just okey but at the moment later, I feel a pain on my right leg. I aware that my right leg has got sprain.

Perhaps, this second accident was my foolishest accident I ever experienced. Let compare these. I could passed about 20 minutes to go to my campus, Unand with the length of 23 km. you know, my travel is fulfilled with busy traffic all the time. Alhamdulillah, there’s no accident. But, in this momentous night, I injuried myself because of my own stupidity, because my own ego, because my own arrogance, because of my own bullshit.

The things I gratituded from this second accident is that,

  • It makes me more realize that I’m just a small thing in this world
  • It makes me more realize that I’m just a small boy who still enjoying to play
  • It makes me more realize that I almost spend my time to useless thing instead the productive thing
  • It makes me more realize that there’re many good people outside there neglecting how they look liked
  • My teeth are still on their place
  • My head is safe
  • My vital organ is safe
  • My smartphone is safe

Now, I aware that how costly an experience, how costly an healthy, how costly a chance, how costly a bad accident. Everyone must improve this costly. Everyone must respect the five things before being overcome the five things.

  1. Healty before sick
  2. Pass time before busy time
  3. Rich before poor
  4. Young before old
  5. Win before loose

Guys, I have not been doing ritual pray since this second accident. Indeed, this second accident was really horrible accident I ever got. My injuries couldn’t be watered. My body seems being overcame by evil aura.

The moral messages from this second accident:

  • Do not lower your safety standard in any circumtances
  • Do not lower your health standard in any circumtances
  • Do not lower your charima standard in any circumtances
  • Do not lower your good standard in any circumtances
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