My Intelligence

There are three main intelligences that construct our individual systems. Currently, three main intelligences build system for some reason I felt was in a strange point of saturation. Saturation point that makes me like a young man who is unstable. Starting from the intellectual, and emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence and the last. Intellectual intelligence. Hmm … I think I have average intelligence like most people of Indonesia. Nothing is so special about the current intelligence intellect. Proved that when I was in the competitive class, in terms that I struggle in the Italian league Serie A, then I’m mid-table team. However, there is no problem with it. Many ways that you can do to cover up the weaknesses of these intellectuals. Study hard, diligent, and many questions are the most conventional way to cover these personal weaknesses. A more moderate way is to hire competent people to assist in “fixing” our intellectual weakness. Thus, intelligence is intelligence that is at the lowest level that is all we need. Emotional intelligence. This intelligence occupies the second stratum in our individual systems. Spiritual intelligence. This is the intelligence which occupies the highest position among the three main intelligence. This intelligence is universal because it is capable of bridging two other intelligence effectively, so the performance of individual systems we will be running nice and stable.



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