Life Cycle System

We agreed that everything in this world has a life cycle of each. No matter it is a living creature or inanimate objects, even invisible objects such as angels, demons, and satan also has its own life cycle. The life cycle is simply the active period. For the period of active living means to conduct a business. There are three things that usually determines the limit of this active period that is already too elderly or old, mad, and died. For inanimate objects, things that limit their life cycle are the existence of the parts or components are damaged and worn. For those of supernatural beings, the limit of their life cycle obviously is when the world has an end. It should be believed here that only God Almighty who do not have a life cycle and the whole cycle of life that exist in this universe has been determined to Him.

Well, the question now is what we expect before the precious life-cycle end?
The answer is up to individual systems (self) each of us as His creatures.
Up here, I re-realized. Before it’s too late, the life cycle should be completed with full power and speed. Performance losses must be there, but it is not an obstacle as long as we have the determination.


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