An Author Story

Yes, once again, before it’s too late, before the cycle of life that come say hello, let me return to continue the struggles. One of them that still jammed in my mind is the struggle to write down my ideas, parse and compile the class into the form of a book … and become an author!

However, before I go any further, I realized that desire will not be implemented smoothly if I did not arm and shield myself with “author essential supplies”.
Here are the “author essential equipment” based on my individual system…
– Honest
– Courage
– Self-confidence
– Energy
– Consistency
– Knowledge
– Confidence
– Facts
– Imagination

Let’s describe one by one:
– Honestly: the ability to be open, transparent, do not add and subtract a fact, not  a cover-up, the facts are, and do not feel burdened to do so.
– The courage: the ability to do something after considering the risks that possible to happen.
– Self-confidence: the ability to not feel burdened to perform “appropriate charity and deeds” in front of the public.
– Energy: the ability to conduct an effort (this term is the same as the terms that exist in the physical sciences where the energy has units of Nm).
– Consistency: the ability to maintain the rhythm of work without being influenced by any outside circumstances.
– Knowledge: the ability to understand the nature and information about something.
– Confidence: namely the ability to retain something through logical or illogical approach.
– Facts: a collection of information.
– Imagination: the ability to develop good ideas that are still not logical, half a logical, and perfect logical.

The next question is whether I have ….
– Having honesty and ready to bare and expose it with honesty?
– Have the courage and ready to rekindle the flame of courage that?
– Having self-confidence and ready to stand in front of the world?
– Having energy and ready to convert that energy into other forms useful for mankind and humanity?
– Having struggled to maintain consistency and consistency it is ready?
– Having knowledge and ready to disseminate knowledge?
– Have confidence and ready to defend to the death that belief?
– Have the facts and be ready to process the fact that with the best?
– Have imagination and ready to build a new world with the imagination?


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