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We are human being and we have certain targets in our life. We have culture and we want to develop it. We move from nothing to something. God has given us a great gift, that’s thinking ability in our brain. That’s why we need to learn the brain should be used every time. Yah, I’m learning now, you are learning now, and they are learning now. We accumulate information in purpose to bundle it to become useful knowledge. However, it’s going to be useless if we don’t have brave and ability to transfer our knowledge to others. It means we must have such a transferring skill in our life.

Transfer knowledge

Do you think you are an expert while you can’t transfer your knowledge to others? Yah, it’s quite a big shit because you’re definitely still a fool.

And, the next mindset you should posses that is, do not ever think that every knowledge you’re transferring will “suck” your brain. Do not think that every subject you’re transferring will lose your capability. In reverse, God guarantees you’ll get even more.


Finally, we don’t just our animal instinct because we are human being whose culture systems.

Jogja, July 30, 2011.


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