“Superman is Not Dead”

Einstein said, “The world has been changing, except our mind”. Yup, that guy is amazing. His philosophy view strikes me now. He implied that how unlucky if you are still clutch your “under average” mindset. Einstein actually wanted us to develop our mind broadly and change that “under average” to be “above average”.

LIFE AND CHARACTER must be thought again. Good character play important role to form your own heaven. God also guarantees you’re going to get your heaven in hereafter. Strong character play important role to improve your human quality as well as to make you survive. Meanwhile, you should get rid your bad and weak character in any part of your life. Never ask why again because it absolutely will bring you down.

Actually, everyone wants to live up his standard life, but he neglects his wondrous character. Even sometimes he seems so confuse of what to do for this life. It’s normal because he is apparently using his man-setting. But, the result will be different if he chooses another setup of his response. What do you mean Pal? So continue reading Pal.

Working and thinking above your average capabilities means you choose Superman setup in your brain and your heart. At least, being Superman for your own class. And everyone can do such thing but almost everyone just seems don’t recognize who really he or she is. They even sometimes do not recognize themselves. Actually, they have Superman each other inside their heart, however they know nothing how to wake him up. Even they know nothing that there’s a sleeping giant inside their heart.

Superman Logo

INJURY TIME, A STRICTLY CRUCIAL MOMENTARY FOR THE ETERNAL MOMENTOUS OCCASION. Ya, injury time view point will help you to setup your Superman capabilities.

Have you ever got a problem that you think you could never solve it? And you must finish that problem in a certain time. A due date was waiting for you. You thought that the problem will be accomplished soon. But the truth you had nothing in the progression. And the time started to kill you. A moment is gone. An hour is gone. A day is gone. A week is gone. A month is gone. Finally, you have to aware that there’re only a few hours remaining before the deadline. You though that you’re going to be crazy because of the deadline. You though that you are going to die because of the deadline. You even thought that all hope is gone. However you suddenly bravely made a great IMPOSSIBLE MISSION. Well, your effort seem too heroic that make others don’t recognize you as well as you don’t recognize what power you are using at the time. You suddenly turned your IMPOSSIBLE MISSION into the POSSIBLE MISSION. It’s really kind of ridiculous but true, or tickling truth. It’s an ironic. It’s how your Superman works when you’re going to die in your injury time.

Ya, even though you don’t get the result maximally, but the truth is you could accomplish it. so, what I state in here is the fact that you could be a Superman… we can called it an “injury time” Superman, yet it works.

Superman is not dead

In conclusion, if you could set your “injury time” view in your mindset, how wonderful you are…. and your “beyond average” power is going to be blasted off…

NOBODY CAN DO EVERYTHING, BUT EVERYONE CAN DO SOMETHING BEYOND HIS AVERAGE CAPABILITIES. And you have proven it well when you accomplished your deadline in injury time.

Is it too extreme to apply? I don’t think so Pal because even I see that it has been your habit. You just need a certain circumstance 🙂 unbelievable, you did it Pal! Perhaps, You want to say it just a kind of luck… No matter what your opinion, because we just need the reality of result, don’t we?


..to shake and to shock everything seemed unfamiliar to be accomplished for the first sight…

…because there’s a superman inside his heart that would help him in crucial time…

…because superman is alive…





For a man who still erodes his idealism

Jogja, June 7, 2011


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