“The Arrogance of Satan”


Diamonds from Harun Yahya’s Book;

“The Arrogance of Satan”



The most frequent causes of arrogance are the following:

  • Power and wealth

An investigation of history reveals that the possession of power and wealth is a common characteristics of arrogant and haughty people. Due to the power they held, these people rejected faith and subjected those around them to oppression.

However, those people, who grew arrogant on account of their wealth and power, failed to grasp a very important truth: everyone, whether rich or poor, will one day surely meet death and be placed under the earth. In death, money and possessions no longer have any significance. The eternal life of the hereafter will be the only truth awaiting him. The money and wealth he accumulated in the life of this world will be of no benefit to him, unless he spent it for the cause of Allah.

A person who turns to Allah, and put his trust in Him in all his affairs, gains a strong character because he knows that there’s no power other than Him. Unless Allah wills, nothing will happen to a person faith. Meanwhile, when Allah decides on something, He just says to it, “Be!” and it  is.

  • Beauty and youthfulness

Beauty is also among the causes that may lead a person to become arrogant. People are all too easily deceived by the fleeting allurements of this world. However, physical beauty is not a quality of one’s own making. It is granted by Allah. It is also a quality that can be taken back at any time.

It will be helpful to consider what the body goes through during the initial phases that take place during the first 10 days after death.

The corpse, when buried under ground, will go through a rapid process of decay. Soon after it is placed in the grave, bacteria will start to function. The gasses released from these organisms will inflate the body, starting from the abdomen, altering its shape and appearance. Bloody mucous will dribble out the mouth and nose due to the pressure of gasses on the diaphragm. Accompanying this exterior transformations of the body, its internal organs will also decay, letting off an unbearably disgusting smell. The brain will decay. Bones will detach from sinews and the skeleton will fall apart. This process will continue until the whole body is reduced to a mere heap of bones.

Being grateful to Allah, aware that beauty is a blessing granted by Him to man, and thereby, being modest, is the most exemplary manner of conduct. Meanwhile, it may well be that Allah grants inner beauty, charm and light from His sight to one who avoids boasting about what he has, remaining aware that it is Allah Who possesses everything. Thus, such a person may be better liked by people than a lot of others would with a better physical appearance.

  • Status, prestige, and esteem

In essence, those who boast about their status, and consider themselves superior to others, are the one who suffer the most from the consequences of their actions. That is because, there is always someone who is greater than him, next to whom such people feel inferior, something which is a great cause of embarrassment to these people.

Another aspect of the subject we are discussing deserves special mention; their arrogance brings no benefits whatsoever in this world. Although these people earn some form of appreciation from others, they are, in actually, those who are disliked and whose company is the least welcomed. Those who are humble, on the other hand, are those who have recognized the importance of character, wisdom, and morality as true values. They do not boast of their qualities. And, owing to this character, they earn the love, respect and appreciation of others.

  • Intelligence, enlightenment, and education

In the hereafter, man will be questioned, neither about the college he graduate from, nor his intellectual background. Certainly, an education is important but definitely not something to boast about. In Allah’s presence. Man will be held responsible for his sincerity, faith, modesty, and his acts of worship.


Though the reasons for arrogance differ from one person to another, depending on their respective traits, there is a state of mind common to nearly all arrogant people. In the following section, we will consider some general character traits that result from this state of mind.

  • They are in a diseased and disturbed state of mind
  • They greatly fear making mistakes
  • They cannot stand criticism
  • Praise is what pleases them
  • Arrogance prevents man from loving and being loved
  • They are unable to enjoy anything


The fate of these people in the hereafter, so that they can serve as an admonition to those who are arrogant towards Allah, or who potentially harbor such rebellious feelings:

  • They are degraded in hell
  • They will be hideous
  • They remain in hell for all eternity
  • On the day of judgment, their possessions and children will be of no benefit to them



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