“Beauties for Life in the Qur’an”


Diamonds from Harun Yahya’s Book;

“Beauties for Life in the Qur’an”


Good character traits described in the Qur’an:

–         Spiritual purity

–         Physical purity

–         Clean clothes

–         Keeping one’s environment clean

–         Eating clean food

–         Exercising, bathing, and drinking water

–         Walking

–         The tone of voice

–         Kindness

–         Hospitality


Prudent measures implied by the Qur’an:

–         Analyzing a task’s probable stages in advance

–         Reliable companions

–         The division of labor

–         Nighttime is for rest; daytime is for activity

–         Keeping important information from ill-intentioned people

–         Taking early action

–         Being cautious at night

–         Bringing everlasting and substantial solutions

–         Denying ill-intentioned people any information that will reveal their weakness

–         Considering all alternatives while taking precautions


Qur’anic methods for communicating Islam:

–         Stressing that no wage is asked for

–         Making it clear that the one who communicates the message is reliable

–         Refuting false beliefs

–         Using a question-and-answer format

–         Calling openly and secretly

–         Explaining the signs of creation

–         Communicating Allah’s existence to the general public

–         Physical appearance

–         Meeting people’s need

–         Sincerity

–         Decisive speech


Beneficial foods mentioned in the Qur’an

–         Fruits: bananas, grapes, pomegranates, olives, and dates

–         Mother’s milk



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