Rewriting Must Go On!

Hallo my blog! How are you? How do you do? Are you okay? Ouch, thanks God. You are still okay. Yeah, long time no writing on you and starting today I’m going to do this delightful habit again. Pray me to do my best.

O ya, indeed, I have never been writing on you for long time because of some reasons. But, at least, I’m still having another kind of journal and off course I’ll show it to you later. Don’t worry, my dear blog.

By the way, it’s almost four months since the last time I wrote you Pal and almost one year after my first coming to pursue study in here, in Student City, Yogyakarta.

Ok, back to the topic! Rewriting! Because rewriting must go on!

Is there someone who doesn’t know how to read here? Read this book! ^_^

Fortunately, I do keep writing on another kind of journal. So, it seems like my own record of my daily life. My own record of my daily sins. My own record of my daily reward.

Suddenly my blog ask me: Reward? Are you sure to say it explicitly, Vartan?

Vartan: Yeah. I mean the reward is about the reward of my own version.

My  blog: Oh, I see. But, please don’t ever compare your reward with our Creator reward.

Vartan: I get it…

Before continuing this nice habit, what’s something unique on this writing, Fella? Nothing? How poor you are if you say nothing. Take a look simply. Do you get it?

English writing?

Yup, that’s thing I want to talk to you. Buddy, following my education level now, it’s going to be a pathetic if I don’t master this international language. In my recent education, English is a must. Nobody can deny it. We are in 21st century dude. I believe that one of the smartest way to conquer English is by writing or speaking with this language every time. Yeah, I should not use English every time on my own. Moreover, using English always make my writing sound formal and not everyone likes it. Even none wants to read it. Ok, Bahasa Indonesia is my national language and please wait for my fiction novels later. Amiin.

How to write a how to write book (lol) by Bryan Piddock

Coming soon: Sang Pelawak by OVJ’s Team

In the end, I want to be insane again for my next writing. I want to be a freak again for my next writing. I want to be crazy again in my next writing. However, of course, I will do it right based on my strong veraciousism. Veraciousism? What the fuck is that? It’s my own vocabulary, Dude. The origin word is veracious. I added “ism” word at the end. So, again, based on my own version, it means a concept or an understanding to be always an honest  person for many different point of view has been seen.

Nice to see you, people…

Have a nice day!


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