October 29, 2009. MST’s hotspot area.

I got to follow TPA (Tes Potensi Akademik) to fulfill MST’s conditions. I don’t know what my TPA score later, but I just feel that my mark just “gonna be okay”. The test took place in MM-UGM (read Magister Management of UGM)’s auditorium. It’s the first time I entered MM-UGM building. I think that’s the biggest and the most luxurious building for a study program organized by Economics Faculty of UGM. However, it all equivalent with the cost of study in the MM. Yea, that’s the most expensive program here. It doesn’t wonder if you can see many luxurious cars as I saw every morning. I feel that’s the second best auditorium I’ve ever found after the Sekolah Pascasarjana UGM’s auditorium.
The TPA’s score must be the same or more than 500. Yea, in the name of my responsibility, I learned hard in the night before the test’s day. I don’t know how about my score later, but I felt it’s gonna be ok.
I saw my parents had to follow an intellectual war like what they did long time ago before they want to enter a university.


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