PLTMH Cokro Tulung

October 23, 2009. Friday.
03.00 p.m.
PLTMH Cokro Tulung, Klaten, Yogyakarta.

Today, we have field trip agenda at PLTMH Cokro Tulung, Klaten, Yogyakarta. A big tour bus accompanied us to the site. It took about half a hour to go. Our journey was really fun.
From the bottom of my heart, I felt so lucky that my institution is really care about their students. During this month, we get a matriculation lectures that has advantages to adjust our very very various divergent background. See, there are Electrical Engineering background, Mechanical Engineering background, Civil Engineering background, Physics background, Mathematics background, and even Geography background. In another time, we are given something such a true field observation.
What did I see?

I found a PLTMH (Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Mikro Hidro) named PLTMH Cokro Tulung. It’s built in Klaten, Yogyakarta. That mini power plant has two turbine generated 15kW for each. It’s maintained by a tattooed-man. I don’t know what is that tattoo for? Perhaps to show a little ‘cruelty’ to other. ^_^. The generated-electricity then distributed to people, but not all people can used it. There are only 31 points that use the electricity such as for stall light and street light needs. And those people who use the electricity just paid 10 thousands every month.
One thing that I really appreciate about PLTMH Cokro Tulung site is the water used to spin the turbines. That water is really pure. It comes from offspring water, man!
On bus, while we are going home, I try to remember what river that potentially can be utilized to build micro hydro power plant. I don’t know yet. Yea, I should accomplish my work one by one first.
However I left my Ashar praying because I think I could do that in my campus MST. I felt sorry because of that. What a regret!
I just don’t want to pass my night without playing hotspot facility. Yea, yesterday I’ve got problem to download any movie, but tonight I’ve asked a new kind of Mozilla Firefox from my friend. See, I could download any movie that I want. Let see my laptop is downloading five movies at the same time.


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